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Monitor your website for Magecart Attacks, Data Security and 3rd Party Exposure.

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Client-Side Security with Zero Impact on Web App.

Domdog is built on zero trust principles with zero impact on performance.
25 billion+ CSP Reports Processed
5 billion+ Page Views Protected
Decade+ Client-side Security Expertise
Domdog enables you to

Take control of your
Client-side Security.

Domdog monitors your critical web applications to give you complete visibility into the biggest security threats affecting the client-side today.

Attack Detection

Uses anomaly detection combined with threat intelligence to detect client-side attacks such as Magecart/Formjacking, supply chain attacks, and more.

Client-side Observability

Complete visibility of all the JavaScripts loaded, script behavior, script integrity, external dependencies, and third-party exposure.

Data Security

Track where sensitive data collected form users is being sent, so that it is in compliance with your data security policies.


Ensure that your website complies with PCI DSS 4.0 and privacy requirements such as GDPR and CCPA.

Domdog enables you to

Choose the best
Client-side protection
for your business.


Recommended for sites that handle sensitive data or functionality, as well as for sites beginning their client-side security journey.

CSP Report Monitoring

Get unlimited and uninterrupted monitoring at a fixed price

Magecart and other client-side attack detection

3rd party exposure tracking

Policy creation and maintenance assistance

Detection of functional impact due to CSP

Low volume high quality alerts

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Recommended for e-commerce sites, fintech sites, healthcare sites, and websites with critical or sensitive functionalities such as checkout pages.

Page Security Monitoring

Get unmatched coverage with our Multimode Attack Detection

Advanced Magecart attack detection

All features of CSP Report Monitoring

Multiple security monitoring modes

Track sharing of user data with 3rd parties

JavaScript integrity and behaviour tracking

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Is there a free trial available?

Absolutely! It is necessary to be convinced about the product effectiveness before making a decision to buy. Please contact us to get access to a free trial.


I have Content Security Policy, do I need Page Security Monitoring?

Congratulations! Implementing Content Security Policy (CSP) is an essential step towards achieving good client-side security. It acts as a client-side Web Application Firewall (WAF). However, CSP has its limitations, as attackers have developed techniques to bypass even a well-implemented CSP. To maximize the chances of detecting an attack, you need to use multiple modes of monitoring, such as those provided by Page Security Monitoring.


Will there be an impact on my site's performance?

No! We use multiple monitoring modes, each designed to have little to no impact on your site's performance. Contact us to learn how we can monitor your site with zero performance impact.


Tried to implement CSP, but was unsuccessful. Can you assist me?

Implementing and maintaining a Content Security Policy (CSP) can be quite complicated, especially if your site is very dynamic. However, based on our experience in analyzing and creating thousands of CSP policies, we can help you create the best policy that is practical for your site. Could you please provide more information here regarding what went wrong and what you have tried so far?

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