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Meet not only 6.4.3 & 11.6.1, but all your webpage security & privacy needs with Domdog.

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Take control of your website's client-side

Domdog monitors your critical web applications to give you complete visibility into the biggest security threats affecting the client-side today.

Attack Monitoring

Uses anomaly detection and threat intelligence to detect client-side attacks such as Magecart/Formjacking, supply chain attacks and more.

Javascript Security

Inventory all scripts loaded on your webpages. Control script authorization and ensure script integrity to defend against malicious attacks.

Data Security & Privacy

Track and protect sensitive customer data (PII, PHI, PCI) from being accessed by unauthorized third parties on webpages.


Ensure that your website complies with PCI DSS 4.0 and privacy requirements such as HIPPA, DPDPA, PDPL, GDPR and CCPA.

PCI DSS 4.0 Compliance Status
PCI DSS 4.0 RequirementCompliance Level
Script Inventory 6.4.3(i)18%
Script Authorization 6.4.3(ii)84%
Script Integrity 6.4.3(iii)50%
Page Integrity 11.6.1100%

Comply with PCI DSS 4.0 Payment Page Security Controls

PCI DSS 4.0 has introduced 4 new payment page security requirements. Domdog helps you comply with all of them easily with minimal effort and impact on site.

  • Script Inventory
  • Script Authorization
  • Script Integrity
  • Page Integrity
Potential Magecart attack detected on the checkout page.
  • Domdog detected checkout page is loading JavaScript from and sending CC details to
  • is known to be associated with Magecart attacks.

Detect and Block Magecart/Formjacking attacks

Magecart attacks are the no. 1 client-side threat facing eCommerce sites and similar sites with Payment pages. Domdog's flexible and comprehensive Magecart monitoring system can detect and block Magecart/Formjacking attacks automatically.

  • Multi-mode Monitoring
  • Near Zero Impact on Site
  • High Quality alerts based on Threat Intel
Customer Data1st Party3rd Party4th Party
Email AUTH
1 host
3 hosts
1 host
Password AUTH
1 host
Name on CC PCI
1 host
1 host
CC Number PCI
1 host
Phone Number PII
1 host
4 hosts
2 hosts
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Protect Customer Data from leakage

Sensitive Customer Data can be leaked to unauthorised 3rd parties from the webpages due to attacks or misconfiguration. Ensuring Data Security on the webpages is especially tricky when the site loads multiple 3rd party JavaScript. Domdog can help you meet your Data Security & Privacy requirements on the client-side.

  • Track Customer Data shared with 3rd parties
  • Ensure Compliance with Data Security & Privacy Standards
  • Restrict unauthorised scripts from accessing sensitive Customer Data
Content Security Policy Alerts
Detected a change in CSP Policy
ID-3 [Version 7]
Form submission to a malicious domain
JavaScript loaded from a new 3rd party domain
CSP Violations

5M violations

72 violations / sec


End to End CSP management made easy

Content Security Policy is the corner stone of webpage security. However creating a good CSP policy and managing it can be a tricky affair. Domdog will work with your team to achieve an ideal CSP monitoring based on your security priorities and your practical real-world constraints.

  • Policy Creation and Management Support
  • Threat Intel powered Attack Detection
  • Unlimited Monitoring at Fixed Price
ScriptBehaviourBusiness Justification
Bazaarvoice Inc.
Loads other ScriptsReads User InputMakes Fetch RequestAccesses CookiesUses Dangerous APIsModifies DOM
Bloomreach Inc.
Accesses LocalStorage
Adobe Experience Platform Launch
Adobe Inc.
Loads other ScriptsPerforms Key LoggingReads User InputMakes Fetch RequestAccesses CookiesAccesses LocalStorageAccesses SessionStorageUses Dangerous APIsModifies DOM
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Manage risk from 3rd party JavaScript loaded in website

JavaScript loaded in your web page is the no.1 cause of webpage security risks. Domdog will help you track the JavaScript loaded in your site, understand their behaviour and put restrictions on them where necessary.

  • Monitor JavaScript Behaviour
  • Control JavaScript Privileges
  • Track all 3rd Party JavaScripts
  • Identify Idle & Abandoned JavaScripts

Enhance your Website Security and Meet PCI Standards

Domdog allows us to have clearer insight into what our pages are connecting to. This clarity enabled us to review and clean up our pages to greatly reduce the attack surface on our website. The data obtained from Domdog also helps us meet our upcoming PCI requirements of inventorying and justifying the scripts and subdomains that are on our site.

Manager, Information Security | Major E-commerce provider in US

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