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Our Story

We have always been fascinated with client-side security, and we knew that all the great functionality added to modern web would come at a security cost. In fact, when HTML5 was newly released, we researched its security implications and presented our findings at BlackHat in 2010.

Two years later (2012), we released an open-source web security scanner that gained acclaim for its ability to analyze client-side JavaScript – a unique capability for a scanner at that time. Though we shifted our focus to vulnerabilities on the server side in the years that followed, we couldn't ignore the growing threat of client-side attacks.

In late 2010s, these attacks resulted in significant losses, including hundreds of millions of credit card details and hefty GDPR fines, with many of the attacks remaining undetected for extended periods. With this trend, we realized that client-side security was more important than ever before.

Our team decided to refocus our research efforts towards client-side security, and as a first step, we developed a client-side security scanning product called SBOXR. It is a comprehensive client-side security scanning product that detects everything from code injection to data leakage to sensitive data storage to analysis of 3rd and 4th party dependencies and more.

Through conversations with our customers, we have realized that due to the consistent client-side attacks taking place in the world, there is a greater need for a continuous monitoring system that can detect client-side attacks and security issues. Domdog is the system built to address this need.

Just like all the other products we have built, for Domdog we have taken a research and engineering based, no-nonsense approach that our customers and users appreciate.

We are committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that help application security engineers, managers, architects, directors, and CISOs protect their organizations from client-side attacks and vulnerabilities.

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