Detect Client-side Security Risks

WASM based scanner that runs locally on your browser and detects your application's client-side security risks.

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Get full script inventory with Domdog Scanner.

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Domdog Scanner Report
Customer Credit Card data accessed by external scripts
3 Issues found in Content Security Policy
2 Key-loggers detected
6 Dangerous APIs used
16 3rd party JavaScripts found in site

Getting Started

Domdog Scanner is a WebAssembly application so you can run it on any Chromium-based web browser, such as Google Chrome. The scanning process, including data collection, processing and report generation occurs locally on your system. We do not collect your browsing data or send it to our servers.

  • Step 1 Download Scanner Download Domdog Scanner by visiting using any Chromium-based browser.
  • Step 2 Connect Browser to Scanner Download Scanner's Burp Suite extension DomdogScannerBurpExtention.jar from here and add it to Burp Suite. Once the extension is added, any browser that uses Burp Suite as a proxy is connected to Domdog Scanner. Open your preferred browser and configure it to use Burp Suite as a proxy. Check the status of your connected browser on the Domdog Scanner.
  • Step 3 Scan & View Report Start the scanner on the downloaded Domdog Scanner. Visit the web pages you want to scan on the connected browser. Stop the scanner to view the scan results.